Five Minutes with FOX & Friends

Steve, E.D., and Brian
We caught up with the FOX & Friends hosts to get some little-known facts about each of them.  Here are the results of our five minutes with Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill, and Brian Kilmeade:

Where did you grow up?

E.D.: "Texas."

Steve: "Well, I was born in Algona, Iowa and grew up in North Central Kansas outside of Abilene."

Brian: "Massapequa, New York. I have grown so much I am still there today."

Your favorite author? Book?

Steve: "M. Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled."

E.D.: "Stephen Ambrose."

Brian: "I can't reveal my favorite author because it would make all the others feel bad. Okay, if you must know, John Adams by David McCoullough. I also read the Harry Truman book he penned. How impressed are you?"

Name one thing you absolutely could not live without.

Brian: "A shower. I tend to be smelly without constant lather. I would have few friends, and E.D. would take even more sick days."

Steve: "Coffee."

E.D.: "My family."

What was your first car?

E.D.: "An old VW convertible."

Steve: "A 1963 Rambler station wagon."

Brian: "A '69 Mustang.  After years of body work and pouring years of hard-earned dishwashing money into this American classic, the chasis cracked.  I have neither sat in nor used a car since." (sniff)

What's your favorite movie of all time?

E.D.: "Like Water for Chocolate."

Brian: "It's a tie between Rocky 1 and Rocky 3.  I'd include Rocky 2, but Adrian spent way to much time in a coma."

Steve: "My Favorite Year, Chinatown, and Annie Hall."

Is the glass half empty or half full?

E.D.: "More than half full."

Steve: "If it's my's half empty and looking for a re-fill."

[Ed.note - Strangely, Brian didn't answer this question.]

Do you have a pet?

Steve: "We have a golden retriever named Charlie."

Brian: "No, I still haven't housebroken my kids.  See, it really goes back to my dad.  I wanted an iguana.  He said, 'Raise this salamander. If he lives six months then you can get the iguana.'  After two weeks the salamander took its own life.  I call it the first known case of lizard depression.  Years later, they came out with cold-blooded Prozac.  Not in time for me to convince my dad to shell out 25 bucks for an iguana which more than likely would have suffered the same fate."

E.D.: "Snowball, a dark gray cat."

Who's had the greatest influence on your life?

Brian: "It was Hans Blix, until he called Pentagon officials 'bastards' on Monday.  A distant number two: character actor Charles Durning.  Oh, and Sally Struthers."

Steve: "My parents, my wife, my kids...Mylanta!"

E.D.: "My father."