Your Questions Answered: Ricin Scare

FOX Fan Question: Who detected the ricin? Were the perpetrators just trying to scare Sen. Frist, or did they actually want to kill someone? Just curious. — Jess (Oklahoma City, OK)

Catherine Herridge: The ricin was found in the mail room by a staffer. Analysts are testing it now to determine the quality, the toxicity and whether it was mixed with other agents. This will help them know whether the person who sent it meant business. Experts in the field tell me, based on the available information, that the ricin was meant to frighten people and send a message — not necessarily kill anyone. Ricin is often referred to as a weapon of terror, NOT a weapon of mass destruction.

FOX Fan Question: I saw your report that the White House had a letter with ricin in it a few months back. Why in the world didn't they tell anyone? — Brian (Portland, OR)

Jim Angle: The White House says the letter was intercepted at an "off-site mail facility" and is still under investigation. It was determined that it was not a public health risk, but they did send a law enforcement bulletin to the CDC, FBI and Homeland Security.

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Catherine Herridge is a Homeland Security correpondent and Jim Angle is a White House correspondent for FOX News Channel. Resources:

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