Topics and Guests for August 30

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It’s a special edition of ‘Your World’ live from New York’s Madison Square Garden and the Republican National Convention.

They may have nothing else in common, but they're all supporting President Bush. Why? Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, and boxing promoter Don King, explain.

Is the economy still the most important factor in this year’s presidential election? We’ll ask Chris Wallace, host of “FOX News Sunday.”

Ohio is a swing state and no Republican candidate has ever won the White House without it. Can the president win it again? We’ll get insight from Robert Bennett, Ohio Republican chairman.

Plus, you won't find another delegate younger at the RNC than Ashlee Hasselman, Washington GOP delegate, who joins us to show the world there's a new generation of Republican voters.

The Hollywood crowd is not as prevalent at Madison Square Garden as for the Democrats in Boston. Republicans seem to like it that way. Is that a mistake? Hollywood honcho and “Laugh-In” original producer George Schlatter joins the debate.

Plus, music mogul Russell Simmons (search) on why he backed out of his RNC rally.

And, will Wall Street predict the winner of the White House? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Stuart Varney, FOX Business News contributor; Joe Battipaglia, chief investment officer at Ryan Beck and Company; Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies and a FOX Business News contributor, and Michelle Girard, senior economist at Greenwich Capital Markets.

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