Statement From Sen. John Kerry
Sen. John Kerry
The Congressional Black Caucus and FOX News Channel will present a debate of the nine Democratic presidential candidates on September 9 at 8 pm ET. We offered each contender a chance to write a pre-debate statement exclusively for FOX Fans. Here's what Sen. John Kerry had to say:

"This is no ordinary time in America — and no time for an ordinary campaign. We have lived through the most deadly attack on our people in American history, the greatest job loss since the Great Depression, and the greatest loss of wealth and savings ever recorded.  But every time our country has faced great challenges, we have come through -- and come out stronger -- because courageous Americans have done what's right for America.

This is a time for the same kind of courage — and I believe in the courage of Americans to do what's right when leaders aren't afraid to tell them the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

I am running so we can keep America's promise — to reward the hard work of middle class Americans and pull down the barriers that stand in their way and in the way of those struggling to join them; to restore our true strength in the world which comes from ideals, not arrogance; renew the commitment of our generation to pass this planet on to our children better than it was given to us.

I reject George Bush's radical new vision of a government that comforts the comfortable at the expense of ordinary Americans, that lets corporations do as they please, that turns its back on the very alliances we helped create and the very principles that have made our nation a model to the world for over two centuries.  An economic policy of lost opportunity and lost hopes is wrong for America. An international policy where we stand almost alone is wrong for America.

George Bush's vision does not live up to the America I enlisted in the Navy to defend,  the America I have fought for in the Senate — and the America that I hope to  lead as President.

More than any other nation, America is not just a place on the globe but an idea — and at the heart of that idea is a belief in the dignity and duty of every citizen — that all of us have something to give and each of us has a responsibility to serve. But beyond Washington, in towns, suburbs, and cities across our country, our people think their government has turned away from that ideal. They think elected officials no longer ask them to serve a cause greater than themselves. They think their leaders have given up on balancing rights with responsibilities. They think that our political debates too often descend into combat between entitlement and abandonment, between "something for nothing" and "every man for himself." And they're right. Americans deserve a government that has as much faith in the ideals of America as they do. They deserve leaders for whom duty, honor, and responsibility are principles, not punch lines. I am running for President to help restore our own democracy — and to join with my fellow Americans in summoning the courage to do what's right for America."

— Sen. John Kerry