Statement From Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Rep. Dennis Kucinich
The Congressional Black Caucus and FOX News Channel will present a debate of the nine Democratic presidential candidates on September 9 at 8 pm ET. We offered each contender a chance to write a pre-debate statement exclusively for FOX Fans. Here's what Rep. Dennis Kucinich had to say:

"As co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus with Rep. Barbara Lee, I have worked hand-in-hand for years with the Congressional Black Caucus battling for civil rights and social justice.  Recently, I joined with the Black Caucus in efforts to abolish the racially-biased death penalty, to defend affirmative action and get more funding for AIDS. Given our close history, I am honored to participate in this CBC-sponsored forum at Morgan State University.

As a candidate for President, I offer a different vision for America, one which separates me from the other candidates. I am the only candidate who will take this country away from fear and war and tax giveaways, and use America's peace dividend for guaranteed health care for all, ending health care for profit.  As President, I will cancel NAFTA and the WTO, restore our manufacturing jobs, save our family farms, create full employment programs.  I will repeal the Patriot Act to regain for all Americans the sacred right of privacy in our homes, our libraries, our schools. I will reverse course on the racially-biased "Drug War" that has often been a war against minorities and the poor."

— Rep. Dennis Kucinich