Spanish DNC Ad Blasts Bush on Jobs

The Democratic Party blasts President Bush's economic policies and implores Hispanics to "vote for a change" in a new television ad that will run on Spanish-language networks in five states.

"Desire we don't lack," the ad says. "If we want opportunity, we have to take responsibility."

The 30-second commercial by an arm of the Democratic National Committee (search) highlights values important to natives of Spanish-speaking countries. "Good jobs make for stronger families," it says, then launches into a critique of Bush's policies. It contends that 2.7 million manufacturing jobs were lost since he took office and a million jobs have been lost because of outsourcing abroad.

"What do we tell our children, when income for our families fell by more than $2,000," the ad says, a comment based on a recent Census report about Hispanics.

Sharon Castillo, a Bush campaign spokeswoman, said Democrats, and presidential nominee John Kerry (search) in particular, have no credibility on jobs for Hispanics.

"The unemployment rate of Latinos is 6.8 percent, way under the average unemployment rate for Latinos during the 1990s under the Clinton administration, which was 9 percent," she said.

The ad will start running this week in five of the most competitive states in the presidential race that also have heavy concentrations of Hispanics: Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

Both Democrats and Republicans are running heavy levels of ads to court what is perhaps the most volatile swing voting group this year.