Silence Speaks Volumes

The demonstrators in New York hate George W. Bush (search) so much that they feel entitled to do things, or to witness others doing things and remain silent, that ordinarily they would not do.

Ordinarily, protestors would not knock a cop to the ground and kick him in the head, but that's what happened in this video in a scuffle last night outside the Republican National Convention (search).

Tuesday, the cops put out a request that a lawyer wearing a green ballcap who is seen in video of the incident come forward.

That lawyer — in the crowd to observe police misbehavior should it occur — saw who kicked the cop in the head leaving him in serious condition. That lawyer owes it to her profession and the City of New York to step up and identify the person who kicked the cop in the head.

We have not yet heard from that lawyer. Now, we certainly would have heard from that lawyer already had the cop been the one beating up someone. That's what the lawyer was on the scene to document.

But now the roles are reversed and the lawyer is scratching her head trying to remember those ethics classes from law school.

What was she supposed to do? Rat out a criminal assailant who, in some wide ranging definition, might be considered her client, or recognize that she witnessed a crime and it's her job as a citizen to speak up?

Obviously the lawyer from the National Lawyer's Guild (search) is treating the assailant like he was her own client: I can't put my own client in jail.

This is why people don't trust lawyers. Anybody else knows what the right call is. Why doesn't the lawyer from the National Lawyer's Guild? How come it's such a mystery to her? Why can't she figure out — now 24 hours later — that she should be in the cop shop looking through files for the face of the guy who tired to kill the cop by stomping his head?

How come I don't hear lawyers calling for this lawyer to step forward?

That's My Word.

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