A Shocking Investigation

Linda Vester
I have to say, I was blown away by the things I found out in the course of doing this special.  The more I researched, the more I started getting anonymous tips from the intelligence community about the state of our borders.

One anonymous tip in particular gave me specific locations on our northern border where I (or Joe the Terrorist) could cross freely into the USA without a soul noticing.  There's just no physical way you can man the entire border, but what about other forms of surveillance?

And no offense to Canada, but there's a real problem.  Their spirit of welcoming the world's dispossessed is admirable, but their asylum system is SHOCKING.  When you watch "Breaking Point" this weekend, you will see specific instances where KNOWN TERRORISTS, wanted for the murder of innocent people, have easily stayed in Canada (some are there AT THIS VERY MOMENT).

As for Mexico, a well-placed source says they're doing better on the border, but the truth is the method they're using is not necessarily stopping the smuggling of questionable people (I'm not talking about the average alien who just wants a job).  Instead, I'm told it's just raising the PRICE that questionable people are paying the smugglers to cross over into the U.S.

This is important stuff -- some of the things you learn in "Breaking Point" may make you mad, but it's information you should have.

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