Roving Genius?

Karl Rove, President Bush
Karl Rove is called President Bush’s brain for good reason.  He is both Bush’s chief political adviser and an influential White House policy wonk.  Rove, a Texas political consultant for two decades, is the guy who guided Republicans as they seized political power in Texas in the 1980s and 1990s.  And he, more than any other adviser, was responsible for getting Bush elected in 2000.  Of course, he’s often demonized by Democrats as an evil genius.  Genius or not, he’s been extraordinarily successful.  Now he’s the architect of the president’s re-election strategy.  With the Republican convention beginning next Monday in New York, we’ll begin to see the strategy unfold.  It’s a backloaded plan, saving talk of Bush’s agenda in a second term to the final two months of the campaign.  And Bush’s agenda will be contrasted sharply with John Kerry’s.  It’s safe to say no one knows more about what to expect from Bush in the campaign and in a second term than Rove. 

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