Reporter's Notebook Archive

In a FOX Fan Exclusive, FNC's international correspondents answer YOUR questions:

Heather Nauert
FNC's Heather Nauert chronicles her extraordinary experience while working on her five-part Green Beret series.
Mike Tobin
Jumping out of helicopters, sleeping in body armor, walking into ambushes...FNC's Mike Tobin risked his life to take us inside Iraq and onto the front lines. FOX Fan Central finds out what being an "embed" is really like.
Isabel's Wrath
FNC's Jeff Goldblatt recaps what is was like reporting during a wild day in Virginia Beach.
Jennifer Griffin
FNC's mideast correspondent tells us how the escalating tensions look from the streets of Jerusalem.
Life in Baghdad
We caught up with FNC's Steve Harrigan to get his personal reflections on everyday life in Iraq.
Rick Leventhal
Embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Rick reveals what preparing for a chemical attack was like.
Amy Kellogg
Amy describes some of her most memorable moments reporting from the Mideast and South Asia.
Mike Tobin
Based at Centcom in Doha, Qatar during the major combat portion of the battle for Iraq, Mike details his experiences.
David Lee Miller
David answers questions about Operation Iraqi Freedom based on what he witnessed first-hand.