Recipe for a Better Burger


• 1/3 to 1/2 lb. 85% percent beef to 15% fat ratio of ground sirloin, chuck or round beef for each burger
• Coarse kosher or sea salt
• Freshly cracked black pepper
• Olive oil to moisten grill


Pre-heat cleaned and oiled grill.
Take beef out of fridge to take off chill, approx. 15 minutes.
Gently form beef in to 3/4 inch patties. Handle meat as little as possible (or burger will get tough).
Right before cooking, season with salt and pepper.
Cook for roughly 3 to 5 min per side or until your desired temperature.
(Use the “pressing your hand” technique for gauging rare, medium, and well-done burgers; it really works.)
If you're making a cheeseburger, add cheese when you press burger and feel it is close to the last couple minutes of cooking.

Build your better burger with your favorite better burger
buns, toppings and condiments.

Better burger/cheeseburger essentials:

• Cheeses like American, bufala mozzarella, or goat cheese
• Buns or rolls toasted or not
• Lettuces or field greens
• Tomato slices
• Ketchup
• Firecracker ketchup (see basic recipe below)
• Dijon mustard
• Onions
• Grilled red onions (see basic recipe below)
• Mayonnaise
• Roasted garlic mayonnaise (see basic recipe below)


• Store bought ketchup
• Crushed red pepper or
• Cayenne pepper (to taste)

Put ketchup in a bowl. Add pepper.
This recipe is a no-brainer. Just remember to add only a little pepper at a time. Taste as you add and stop at desired heat. Remember that not everybody can handle hot foods. Keep regular ketchup out as well.


• 1 medium red onion
• Olive oil to drizzle on onion
• Kosher or sea salt to taste (if you have)
• Fresh cracked black pepper

Slice onion into 1/2 thick slices.
Coat onion very lightly with olive oil and season both sides with salt and pepper.
Grill onion for about 3 to 5 min on each side until onion softens and gets good grill marks.
Take onions off grill and cover in container with lid or with plastic wrap to keep steaming the onion with its own heat. Serve a couple of onion rings over each burger.


• 2 tablespoons roasted garlic paste (see below)
• 4 tablespoons store bought mayonnaise

Garlic paste:
• 8 large garlic cloves with skin on
• Fresh thyme sprigs
• Honey for drizzling

Add garlic cloves to a sheet of aluminum foil.
Add a few thyme sprigs and drizzle honey over garlic.
Wrap up corners of foil forming a chimney.
Place filled foil into a pre-heated, 350 degree oven until garlic has greatly softened (about an hour).
Let garlic cool and squeeze the cloves out of the skin. Use a fork to smash into paste. Add smashed garlic into mayonnaise.

Serves 6 to 8

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