Our Soldiers' Sacrifices

Pat Tillman
In the wake of Pat Tillman's death, FNC received tons of e-mail from FOX Fans about the sacrifices our men and women make while serving their country. Below is a sampling:

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Reporter's Notebook"

"Tillman should be assigned superhero status because of the exemplary life he led prior to joining the military.  And it has nothing to do with being a football hero or turning down money." — Anita

"My heart goes out to the Tillman family, as it does to EVERY slain soldier, especially those I have never heard of." — Michael (Lakeland, FL)

"Today's soldiers, like many before them, have given up riches and made the decision to do an honorable thing." — Proud Military Father

"His was by far a much better ending than the obscurity and 'who cares' attitude that awaits those who think that greed, money, selfishness, and self-promotion are life's meaning."— Kevin, CWO USN (RET) (Metter, GA)

"It was just said before the commercial break that Pat Tillman became a hero today because he died, but he was a hero long before his death." — Michele (St. Mary's, MD)

"My husband is in Iraq and he is my hero because he was willing to die for our country long before 9/11." — L.M.

"I would like to express my sympathy to the Tillman family. As a soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is hard to hear the loss of soldiers, but it is their legacy and commitment that inspires and will never be forgotten and enables us to find strength." — SPC. Glen

"The other people we are losing in this war are all stars in their loved one's eyes and heroes to their countrymen." — John (Post Falls, ID)

"Pat Tillman is a hero in every sense of the word. He is a man of the 'old school' where loyalty, character, and duty actually mattered. May we all learn something from his example. He makes me proud to be an American. God bless his family, God bless our troops, and God bless America." — Joe (Dothan, AL

"So many of our young men and women volunteer in the military to find means towards an education and future careers. What's exceptional and unusual about Pat Tillman is the fact that he had options, he had choices, and yet he chose to serve our country." — Lorri (WI)

"Personally, I'm embarrassed that our society has been reduced to the level that we can think it's more important to hear about the loss of an American soldier because he was willing to leave a lucrative contract. Little has been mentioned about the loved ones he left behind." — Don (Central Point, OR)

"Just because he was an NFL player, he was no more or less a hero than any of the other hundreds of Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.  From what I can tell about the man from the various stories you have done, he would be the first one to state this fact. " — Anonymous