Notable Quotes: Courage of a Nation

Monday's theme at the Republican National Convention was "Courage of a Nation." asked prominent convention-goers what that means to the Bush administration and the Republican Party.

Rep. Mark Kennedy, Minn.: "We are the party of Lincoln, we are the party of expanding the freedoms that we enjoy to others. When I think of strength and of courage, the theme of the day, I think of this."

Larry Kudlow, economist: "Bush has the story right, and not one of his predecessors, including [Ronald] Reagan, had the terrorist story right. He's strong on defense; he will wage war on the radical Islamicists. I live here in New York; it's a personal issue to me. It's an issue of personal safety. I had friends who did not come home on 9/11. I believe [Bush] will be unyielding in waging this war. [Sen. John] Kerry will not.

"Lower taxes and a strong national defense. I think Bush is going to go there. I think he is going to win, big."

Ohio state Rep. Larry Wolpert: "We are at war — but the war is going on here at home, too. It's being fought among us and we don't even know it. This needs to be communicated."

Rip Torn, actor: "Courage, determination, extraordinary sacrifice."