The Mission Continues

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter
FOX News military analyst Lt. Col. Scott Rutter is traveling to Iraq to tell the soldiers' stories! Watch for him on air, and look for his columns here on FOX Fan Central.

Our war against terror is fought on a myriad of battlefields throughout the world. Today our American service members are in constant combat eradicating the evil that has attacked the free world. In Iraq, Iraqi Guardsmen and United States forces serve shoulder-to-shoulder poised to demonstrate their commitment and resolve to the sovereignty of a now free Iraq. Throughout other parts of the world nameless, faceless terrorists lie in wait to exploit a potential vulnerability. Our combat forces, intelligence agencies and state and local police, fire, medical and national assets are on high alert focused on protecting the freedom and democracy that we as a nation hold so dearly and know is truly not free.

My fight against terrorism began on March 21, 2003 when I gave the order to my lead company team to cross into Iraq and execute our mission of destroying the Iraqi Special Republican Guard Forces defending the Euphrates River and Baghdad International Airport. Just eight days after this historical crossing, a coward in a taxi cab exploded his vehicle at a check point within a blocking position causing the death of four great soldiers.

 "I plan to tell the stories that have been brushed over in the news media and seem to have been forgotten."

I had

I had the honor to command a Battalion Task Force of the Third Infantry Division, the Second Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment which was part of the initial invasion force in Iraq. Our brigade formed the “tip of the spear.” The soldiers and leaders of this battalion and other units are proof that the legacy of our country’s commitment to the free world continues. The soldiers proved that a lethal, flexible and disciplined force can continuously maneuver over 250 miles and execute all assigned tasks to ensure the mission was accomplished.

Now as a FOX military analyst I will soon return to Iraq for my third tour of duty, this time as a member of the media. My focus and direction from the senior leadership of FOX News is clear.  Tell the story from a soldier’s perspective, the way it should and needs to be told – honest and straightforward. Simple and to the point, FOX News is allowing me free reign in telling the world about the heroic and committed efforts of our service members. I plan to tell the stories that have been brushed over in the news media and seem to have been forgotten. It is never business as usual in Iraq. Every day a new “good news” story is created.  In addition to our combat and security operations, our service members proudly assist the people of Iraq in rebuilding their schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure.

Each and every day a new thread to the global terror network is identified. Let there be no doubt that the fight against terrorism is a war of good versus evil.  Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other religion, freedom and the rights of people must be protected.  Acts of terrorism, like the one that I experienced, like those that are almost commonplace and infect many nations in the Middle East, are about power. We must remain strong and vigilant against threats to our most sacred values and beliefs. To be meek or scared in the face of this evil will only result in defeat. Terrorists respond only to strength. Rational thought does not enter the mind of the taxi driver with a bomb in his trunk in Iraq or a person with explosives strapped to their body detonated in a busy café or large apartment building in the Middle East. One life is certainly too many to lose. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, from the U.S. and throughout the free world, will never be forgotten.  It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to remain strong in the face of this enemy.  From a position of strength, we can then forge ahead.

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter serves as a military analyst for FOX News.