A Message from John Kerry to FOX Fans:

Sen. John Kerry
I am running for President to bring back jobs and prosperity, to make health care affordable and accessible to all Americans, to silence the powerful interests that dominate this White House so that the voice of everyday people can be heard, and to make America safer and stronger in the world.

George Bush, who speaks of strength, has made America weaker — weaker economically, weaker in health care and education.  And the truth is — George Bush has made us weaker militarily by overextending our forces, overstraining our reserves, and driving away our allies.

I will fight for a government that hears the voices of every American once more.  This is a fight I’ve been leading for my entire life.  When I came home from serving in Vietnam, I stood up and spoke out with my fellow soldiers to end the war.  I stood up to the leaders in my own party to fight for fiscal responsibility in the Senate.  I took on corporate polluters and big HMOs to fight for healthy communities and healthy children.  And now, I am ready to fight every day of my presidency to put the American people back in charge so that we can restore prosperity and bring back jobs.

In this election, I will not run from a debate about who represents mainstream America; I welcome it.

This extreme Administration gives billions in tax cuts to billionaires while creating deficits as far as the eye can see.  But mainstream Americans want tax breaks for middle-class families that can't make the mortgage, can't afford braces, that save enough to send their kids to college.

This extreme Administration tries to cut combat pay for our troops in the field, make injured soldiers pay for their own hospital meals, and force our men and women in Iraq to raise the money to buy their own flak jackets.  But mainstream America believes in protecting those who protect America, taking targets off their backs, and giving them the resources to do their dangerous job.

This extreme Administration does nothing to stop skyrocketing health care premiums while doing everything to pass a sham Medicare bill that gives $179 billion to drug companies and HMO's.  But mainstream America wants to make affordable health care a right instead of a privilege so that when your child is sick you don't have to look at your checkbook before you get them a checkup.

And this extreme Administration — in these dangerous times — denies breathing equipment to firefighters and takes 100,000 cops off the beat while murder and violent crime are going up.  But mainstream America believes in providing for our common defense and making our neighborhoods safe over another round of tax cuts for the privileged.

I am running for President to fight for mainstream American values, and this is a fight I intend to win.

I know that a new day is coming for America, and I believe that what unites us as one people is much more powerful than what has divided us during this President’s term and in the years past.  Together, we will move forward and bring a new day for a stronger, fairer, and more prosperous America.