A Message from John Edwards to FOX Fans:

Sen. John Edwards
This campaign is about changing America so that it works for all of us, not just the privileged few. After meeting with Americans all over this country, I know that people are hungry for leadership; the kind that's based on the politics of what's possible, not on cynicism. In every state, the American people are looking for a president with a positive vision to change America.

You and I want this election to be a contest of ideas and not a contest based on anger and attacks. This is so much bigger than that because we have so much work to do. We still live in two different Americas. In one America there is the best health care money can buy, the best schools, the best paying jobs. In that America, the privileged few have special access to our government and to the highest office in the land. 

And then there's another America - the one for everybody else: where health care is rationed out by the HMOs. Where students struggle to get a good education.  Where jobs are shipped overseas so big corporations get tax cuts.  Where wealthy investors pay lower tax rates while you pay more.  And where working Americans who live by the 1st and the 15th of every month struggle paycheck to paycheck to pay their bills and to just get by.

But you and I together are going to build one America and close our great divides. 

This is our time to ensure that the American Dream of building something better is never replaced with the dream of getting by; to make sure tens of millions of working middle class families can save to buy a house and ensure themselves a secure retirement; to create 5 million new jobs in every city and small town in America; to make health care a birthright for every child. This is our time to tell the 35 million Americans who are living in poverty today that we hear you.  We will lift you up.  We believe in you.  We will give you hope, and we will give you back the White House.

To those cynics who say that we can't change America, we say this, "Cynics didn't build America; optimists built America."

We can build an America that is no longer divided by race. We can work toward educational equality, economic equality. We will stand up and fight for judges we know will enforce our civil rights laws. When others try to resurrect those barriers of the past, you and I together are going to knock them down forever.

We can create a world where America remains that shining beacon of freedom and human rights, and actually treats other sovereign nations with respect. We can build a country that honors work and not wealth.

We can build a country that helps our working middle class save and create a real economic recovery that protects our democratic way of life. 

This election is about changing America and together we will.