A Letter to FOX Fans from Kris Eggle's Mom:

Kris Eggle
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We are so very thankful that the story of Kris' murder is highlighting the horrid conditions that exist with the security of our country — especially at our borders. Eighteen months ago, our lives were filled with a sense of happiness and peace that life was good and that our two children were nicely settled into their "dream jobs."  How could we have been so wrong? The knock on the door on August 9, 2002 from an ashened-faced young man changed our lives and world forever. We thought, 'How could it be? Not Kris — we just talked to him the night before. He's too alive to be dead — someone must be wrong. It must be a mistake.'  BUT IT WAS REAL, and now each day is another day in our lives without Kris.

 "We will continue to pursue this mission in Kris' memory because he would want us to do something to help others."

We made a family decision while visiting Kris' murder scene that we were not going to let evil win. Since then, we have made an organized attempt to help alert the public to our unguarded and porous borders. We have written letters, sent faxes, emailed and called our Representatives and Senators and key members of certain committees. We have traveled to D.C. to visit members of Congress, leaders of the Department of Interior, and some ranking officials in the National Park Service to address concerns of lack of funding for law enforcement, equipment, and for the vehicle barrier along the border of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We have been interviewed in local and national newspapers and magazines, on radio stations, and some television programs. We have also spoken to groups about these major concerns and have asked others to help in getting this information moved forward. 

Our son Kris is dead.  He was ambushed and murdered by an illegal Mexican drug trafficker who easily crossed into the United States from Mexico because there was nothing to hold him back.  Our government leaders have failed miserably in protecting our own homeland, and it is time they are held accountable. This is neither a Democrat nor a Republican issue. It is an issue of what is fair, just and right for the citizens of the United States of America. These men and women took an oath of office "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all foreign and domestic enemies…So help me God."  Our Kris took that same oath of office and died defending his precious country. He followed his pledge to his dying breath. Would our leaders do the same?

We will continue to pursue this mission in Kris' memory because he would want us to do something to help others.  It is too late to bring him back, but maybe it won't be too late to help save another one of his friends or coworkers — who still work in these very dangerous border areas — from the same kind of fate.  We hope he'd be proud of what his many friends across this nation, and family members are attempting to do.  For more information about us, we can be contacted by email at bonnie@kriseggle.com or at our website www.kriseggle.org.