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Security School
USC wins the bid for funding for a new center on Homeland Security; the first of its kind.
"Full Immersion"
400 companies show off their latest and greatest flight simulators that are not just for the military anymore.
Iraq-Al Qaeda Update
Was bin Laden talking with Saddam Hussein? The Bush administration's claim of a connection may have more weight than once thought. The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes faces off with terror analyst Evan Kohlmann on The Factor.
The Cutting Edge
A new mini-sub promises to fight terror threats under the sea.
Operation ICE Storm
Top law enforcement and government officials have joined with the Department of Homeland Security to announce Operation ICE Storm, an unprecedented multi-agency initiative to combat human smuggling.
Postal Spores
Automatic alarms sound at a postal facility at Anacostia Naval Air Station when Anthrax spores are detected. 11 DC-area post offices close as officials await further test results.
High-Tech Tools
Aviation security is finally getting up to speed with the shoe scan, the "I-Portal 100", and the "Secure 1,000."
Spies at Gitmo
A two-tier security team hunts for information that could help them plug the spy ring that so far includes soldiers, translators and private contractors.

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Airline Safety
Mark Hatfield from the Transportation Security Administration weighs in on what we've learned from the college student who smuggled boxcutters through airport security successfully.

Tracking the Money
Col. David Hunt says either Syria or Saudi Arabia funded the deadly bombing on a U.S. convoy in Gaza.

The Waterways
Al Qaeda might launch the next attack by sea in efforts to cripple the global economy.

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Blackout Investigation
Officials work to prevent another massive grid outage in the future.

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WMD Report
Reaction differs on David Kay's findings on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Safe Skies?
Military pilots put in place plans to shoot down hijacked airliners.

Arrest at Gitmo
A third man is arrested in connection with the espionage investigation at Guantanamo Bay.

10 Plane Plan?
9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed told interrogators that the original plan called for 10 hijacked airliners.

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Espionage at Guantanamo
Air Force translator Ahmad al-Halabi is charged with allegedly e-mailing classified information about the prison camp to an unspecified "enemy."

Iraq-9/11 Connection
Officials believe the Iraqi regime met with Al Qaeda operatives, but is there a direct connection to the attacks on American soil? FNC Foreign Affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz weighs in.
Terror Watch
The FBI is in hot pursuit of four individuals thought to have their base of operations in Maine.
Terror Lawsuit
Former counterrorism official John O'Neill died in the World Trade center on 9/11. Now his family is suing Iraq for its ties to Al Qaeda.
Patriot Act
Do John Ashcroft's new terror-fighting measures give the government too much power? Brit Hume's Washington panel dukes it out.
Spotting Terrorists
Law enforcement officials issue a bulletin detailing what U.S. citizens should look out for.
Border Security
One boat to cover 142 miles of the U.S.-Canadian border? Are guards patrolling Lake Huron getting the resources they need?

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Cockpit Safety
Bulletproof cockpit doors are now required on every commercial jet in the U.S. Do they really make flying safer?
Corporate Security
How vulnerable are businesses to cyber attacks? Neil Cavuto speaks with Comcast Chairman C. Michael Armstrong.
"Foreseeable Hazard?"
Thousands of families can now sue the airlines for 9/11 injuries and deaths. Will the new lawsuits bankrupt the airline industry?