Homeland Security Follow-Up

In a Fox Fan Exclusive, the FNC experts give it to us straight: How safe are we here at home?

Gitmo Update
FNC's Orlando Salinas takes us behind the scenes at Camp Delta, where 660 enemy combatants of the United States are being held.
The Waterways
FNC Foreign Affairs Analyst Mansoor Ijaz has an important update on maritime security abroad and how it could affect the economy here at home.
Blackout Investigation
What caused August's massive power outage? Brian Wilson updates FOX Fans on the investigation.
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
Bret Baier updates FOX Fans on the interrogation of the 9/11 mastermind.
Ports, Airlines & Sleepers
Catherine Herridge updates FOX Fans on a new round of security measures.
Our Northern Border
Guards head toward Canada, but are they enough? Jonathan Serrie follows up.
Letting Them In
The war on terror hasn't reached our visa programs. Michelle Malkin explains.