Get to Know 'Steve-O'

Heather Nauert


It's been months since they fought in the Western desert of Iraq, and the soldiers of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment are home now, settled back into their old lives. But, a 15-year-old Iraqi boy keeps them focused on Iraq — a place they'd rather forget. During their year at war, they were attacked up to ten times a day and the locals were unable to provide enough good intelligence to stop the attacks.  After months of getting mostly dead-end intelligence, an unlikely informer showed up at their base to volunteer his help.

The soldiers say they owe a drop in the number of attacks — and their lives — to an Iraqi teenager nicknamed Steve-O. Steve-O led them to the insurgents and helped turn the tide of the war in this part of Iraq. I spent two days with the men of Dragon Company at their home base in Fort Carson, Colorado to talk about this young hero.

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U.S.soldiers have set up the following fund to help Steve-O begin a new life in America:

JH Iraqi Youth Trust
6660 Delmonico Drive
Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO 80919