Get Ready for the RNC in NYC!

Turn to the channel of political record for complete up-to-the-minute coverage of the Republican National Convention:

Friday, August 27

Greta is LIVE from Madison Square Garden: 10pm / 3am ET

Sunday, August 29

RNC Preview Special Hosted by Brit Hume: 9pm / mid ET

Before the key speakers take the stage and before the convention kicks into high gear, host Brit Hume and our team of political correspondents and analysts have expert insight — plus get the latest from the Bush campaign headquarters.

Monday, August 30

It’s Day 1 of the Republican National Convention –

• Rudy Giuliani takes center stage 
• Sen. John McCain defends the president’s plan for Iraq

Tune in for “You Decide 2004” hosted by Brit Hume at 9pm ET, followed by fair and balanced debate on "Hannity & Colmes." Plus, don't miss our LIVE post-convention wrap-up with Greta Van Susteren.