The Democratic Hopefuls

The big race for the White House is on!  While the Democrats are organizing a challenge for President Bush in 2004, we wanted to know what FOX Fans were thinking.  So, we went to the streets of Times Square in New York City to listen.  Take a look! 

We want to know what YOU think — Do the Dems have a chance to beat Bush in '04?


Name that Democrat! We wanted to see if FOX Fans could name at least three of the nine current Democrats who want to be president.  How many can you name off the top of your head?  Watch the video and see how you match up.


Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

“Bush is a horrible President.  He has left the Afghan people high and dry.  More soldiers have died for an unjust war than died in the first Gulf War.  Bush acted like cowboy when it came to foreign policy.  He has far too many ties to the bin Laden family.  He is a joke.  The Dems had better get organized and come out swinging.  Call Bush out!  I think that if the Dems clarify how Bush has put our economy in the toilet, left Vets high and dry with no insurance, been bought out by special interests, mixed religion in with politics, (and the list goes on) they will have a great chance to win back the White House.  Bush and his McCarthy era goons will be exposed soon enough.”  — Matt (Mobile, AL)

“There’s absolutely no chance for the Dems. The Democratic Party is in for a long period of losing to the GOP.” — J.D. (Toronto, ON)

“I feel that the Democrats better find out what Americans really want. They will have a hard time winning until they do this. They worry about the wrong things and about themselves and not about those that elected them. As a Vet, I think that they will lose some of there offices in the next election.” — William (Linn Creek, MO)

“I certainly hope that the Dems have no chance at desecrating the White House again!  President Bush has made such a difference in how our country is viewed.  President Bush has a strong leadership with his leader being God!!  I think that President Bush draws his strength from his conviction to his Savior and looks to the Bible as his guide for his life.  I pray everyday that God will look upon our nation and bless us with His protection...I truly think that God put President Bush in the White House and will see him through another election.” — Cindy (Mesa, AZ)

“Yes, Democrats do have an opportunity to beat George Bush in 2004; just not any current candidates. We need someone that will balance the budget. Programs that have recently been approved must be funded. Make sure we do not gut the national defense like Clinton did. The grocery list goes on and on. I blame the current crop of Democrats for congressional gridlock just to make Bush look bad, while the business of the people languishes.”  — Norbert (Sheffield Lake, OH)

“What people don’t realize is that once the Dems elect their nominee, they will be stronger.  Many people are extremely concerned about the horrible way that Bush has handled the economy.  His tax cuts have done absolutely zilch for the country.  Once the Dems get focused (and they will), they could pose a real threat. I am not a democrat, but nor am I a Republican.  I am the kind of voter that the Republicans should worry about.  When my president walks out and says that “we are all sinners”, a red flag goes up.  When he is put to the test again, I think the GWB we were all skeptical of will resurface.”  — Jason (Inwood, NY)

"George W. Bush is an honest and honorable leader.  I think he has done a great job and I will definitely vote for him in 04.  If he loses to a democrat, I believe this country will be in big trouble." — Beth (Wheeling, WV)

"They could just because there are a lot of ignorant people out there.  My stepdaughter said the other day that she is a democrat because of Bush's tax cut.  She is 17 and makes $5.50 an hour and the reason she doesn't like President Bush is because the rich got a bigger tax cut than she did and she wants to keep her money.  I didn't get a chance to straighten her out yet but she doesn't realize any democrat will raise taxes.  I feel like the republicans can see the big picture and democrats only see the small ones." — Marj (Tamarac, FL)

"The only way the Democrats can topple Bush in '04 is get a candidate who is more centrist on policies and run with it. The more and more America see how liberal policy is trashing our core values the worse off it will be in the future for the Democratic Party or Candidate that portrays that message. Security is still the main issue that will determine who will win the candidacy. Without security, you won't have anything else." — Ben (Lawrence, KS)

"Based on the current candidates running for the Democratic nomination, it makes selecting one like trying to choose between Frankenstein and the Werewolf.  The Democrats will get another four year rest after the next election." — Lee (Dallas, TX)

"I'd also like to thank the DNC for trotting out Al Gore from his forced retirement.  Nothing convinces people that they made the right decision in 2000 more than listening to another one of his dull, content-free speeches." — Dave (Orlando, FL)

"Bush will be re-elected in 2004. The Democrats don't have a platform. They are totally disorganized and broken into too many factions.  Their in-fighting will spell the parties doom in 2004. Heaven forbid if Hillary or Gore try to stick their noses in the pot.  What a catastrophe for the Democrats." — Jack (Sioux Falls, SD)

"The democrats definately have a chance to beat bush in '04, afterall weak minded americans elected Clinton twice. Thanks to Ross Perot." — Keith (Clovis, NM)

"In my opinion the Democrats are doing everything wrong and I am embarrassed to say I used to be one.  They don't have a chance against Bush." — Jill (Anitoch, CA)

"Since the late 60's and now the early 21st century, American voters possess a herd mentality and are absolutely clueless as to America's cost for freedom; therefore, anyone can win the Whitehouse. Many fail to realize that President Bush is the first to be pro-active rather than re-active. I personally discount the garbage spewed by Gore and the 9 wannabes. I pray that President Bush wins re-election." — Andy (Mount Laurel, NJ)

“I do think the Dems have a shot.  Once they get organized and elect their nominee their message will become clearer.  GWB’s numbers are sliding.  People were just scared after 9/11 in reacted with a herd mentality.  I think we are slowly waking up to realize what an abysmal job GWB has done with our economy.  Once the Dems are focused, I truly believe that the Independents in this country will be more skeptical and thoughtful.  They will start questioning the status quo.”  — Jay (Inwood, NY)

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“No way!  What a joke.  Seriously, Californians must know that they are a laughing stock politically.  I mean I feel for them.  Arnold, Gary Coleman, Gallagher, Larry Flynt, and a porn star are the ilk you have to choose from?  This is a good reason to go back to a monarchy.” — Emmett (Chicago, IL)

“Yeah baby!  Go Arnold!  He is the best thing for California.  He isn’t bought out by special interests.  He has his own dough.  He is married to an amazing woman, a democrat who can keep Arnold in line.  I wish he could run for president.  He is super smart.  He is surrounding himself with great people.  He has my vote.” — Jason (Santa Monica, CA)

“He has a shot because for the most part people are stupid.  I mean Ronald Regan got elected.  And somehow the American public has been duped into thinking he was one of our greatest presidents.  I hope that Californians wise up and vote with intelligence.  I really feel sorry for them.  I mean Davis has done a horrible job.  But California is a mess.  I don’t think a movie star is the right choice to fix it.” — Yolanda (Jersey City, NJ)

“Uh, no, don’t think so.  But there are a lot of morons here and will vote for the name they most recognize, not because of any real belief system.  But we brought it upon ourselves.  I mean look at the way are laws are set up.  Gary Coleman is running too.  I repeat, Gary Coleman.  Things are looking grim for my beloved state.  Help us!  Someone.” — Julie (Venice, CA)

“I love Cali.  I mean, if we could Alf $3500 and enough signatures could he run for office too?  Or how about Bart Simpson.  You know, joking aside, I guarantee  you that people would vote for Bart or Homer.   What a sad joke it all is.”  Jenny (Shelby, NC)

“Ah, Ahhhh-nold.  No.  Don’t think I will be voting for the old Terminator.  Can’t understand half of what he says.  I don’t know what he really stands for.  I don’t have any indication that he can manage the economy and government of California.  But the choices look pretty bad.  I think I will actually move!” — Ben (Los Angeles, CA)