From the Right: Tony Snow

FNC's Tony Snow, host of "The Tony Snow Show" on radio.
FOX News Radio host Tony Snow weighs in on the Bob Woodward firestorm:

If you have a "red state" heart or zip code, none of these revelations seems stunning or even unusual. After all, who wouldn’t think of Iraq after the attacks on New York and Washington, and what sensible planner would rule out deposing a despot who had tried to assassinate the president’s own father, among others? And which commander-in-chief wouldn’t try to keep secret a war-planning exercise that at the time was purely speculative, and wouldn’t take special pains to withhold it from the leakiest and most gossipy of all cabinet departments, the Department of State? For that matter, wasn’t it smart of the president to give a heads-up to a crucial regional ally? After all, if you want a war to proceed as smoothly as possible, you’re going to need help from nations that can supply such necessities as airstrips, air space, forward-staging areas and intelligence.

If the early releases are any indicator, Woodward managed to get an impressive amount of face time with the president, and accumulated an astounding number of anecdotes, but he doesn’t seem to have gotten his mitts on any actual news.

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