From the Left: Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes, host of FOX News Live on radio.
FOX News Radio host Alan Colmes weighs in on the Bob Woodward firestorm:

This isn't a matter of one disgruntled employee coming out with a book, as they've tried to paint Richard Clarke. We have Clarke, O'Neill, and now Woodward all confirming that Iraq was in the sights of the neocons in this administration, and we have reports from Hans Blix, David Kay, and Mohammed el-Baradei all pointing to the inability to find WMDs. If it's true that almost a billion dollars that Congress approved for use in Afghanistan was diverted for use in Iraq, there is, as Woodward pointed out, that little document called the Constitution that is called into question. And if a deal was made with the president's friend, Prince Bandar, to keep oil prices low around election time, well ... it’s nice to know who the Saudis favor for U.S. president. Furthermore, if the Saudi prince knew of our war plans before our secretary of state, perhaps Mr. Bush would like to appoint members of the Saudi Royal Family to his next cabinet should the American people choose to ignore all this and believe he deserves a second term.


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