Fourth of July Weekend Specials:

The O.J. Simpson Trial: Unanswered Questions

Saturday 10pm / 1am ET

FNC takes you inside the O.J. Simpson trial and brings you an exclusive interview with former L.A. detective Mark Fuhrman.

Watch a Clip
L.A. detective Mark Fuhrman tells Geraldo Rivera about lingering questions surrounding the O.J. Simpson case.

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Click below for special features you won't see in the FNC special:

"She Didn't Have a Chance"
Nicole Brown Simpson's sister tells FNC that she knew "instantly" O.J. was responsible for the murders.
Trial of the Century?
FNC legal experts identify the crucial twists in a trial that will go down in history.

Breaking Point: Danger and Diets

Sunday 10pm / 1am ET

FOX News Channel exposes the deadly truth about battling obesity. Many Americans are losing more than weight!

Deadly Surgery
One woman's life-long struggle with obesity led her to weight-loss surgery, but the side effects are slowly killing her. Watch this clip from the FNC special.

Exclusive FOX Fan Content —

Spotting the Signs
Dr. Jenn Berman tells FOX Fans how to recognize danger signs with diets, eating disorders, and weight loss surgery.

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