Five Minutes w/ Janice Dean

Janice Dean
Notice how pleasant the weather has been lately? (Well, it has been here in New York.) We caught up with FNC's new weather guru to learn a little bit more about what makes her tick. (Besides big storm fronts moving across the country.)

Name one thing you absolutely cannot live without:

Even though I'm trying to break the habit, I cannot live without my hairspray. I used to be the Aqua-Net queen, and I'm starting to use less and less of it now. I also cannot live without chocolate; homemade chocolate-chip cookies out of the oven are one of the best things ever invented. A good cup of coffee is something I have no problem spending five bucks on at Starbucks. Gee, that's three things — sorry about that.   

Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

I think I've had many tremendous influences on my life.  Each career move I've made, as well as people I've met along the way, has made a difference in how I view the world and my life.  I've had wonderful teachers and fantastic friends that I can call upon whenever I need advice or guidance.  Naming just one person would not be possible since I have such a wonderful network of friends and family that continue to provide me with support and encouragement.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in Ottawa, Canada.  Love the hockey.

Name your favorite author and/or book?

Pat Conroy is my favorite author. "Prince of Tides" is my favorite book. I also have a fondness for "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was one of those books that I re-read after high school and bought my own copy of.

What was your first car?

Toyota Corolla.  It was the first car I learned how to drive, and I took it with me to Houston, Texas when I moved there.  Had those wheels for close to 15 years — I'm a big fan of the Toyota product.

Your favorite movie of all time?

I have to admit now that I'm a weather gal, I have a fondness for "Groundhog Day."  I adore Bill Murray.  I can also recite scenes from "When Harry Met Sally." I could watch that movie over and over.

What is one thing viewers would never guess about you?

I still sleep with a teddy bear...but don't tell anyone ok?