Beltway Beat — Friday, July 16

by Brian Wilson for FOX Fan Central

Decide For Yourself!

You may have noticed that your friends at the FOX News Channel have been under attack of late.  To hear some tell it, we are the personification of evil, a blight on society and may even be responsible for a worldwide epidemic of plantar warts.

The most prominent of the recent attacks has been in the form of the film, Outfoxed, which is backed by the ultra-liberal political action group  Allow me to speak frankly — this alleged documentary is in fact a third-rate hack-job, full of clips pulled out of context, edited in such a way as to cast FOX News in the worst possible light.  Don't take my word for it; read from a recent article in the Washington Post:

"...some of the editing in the movie is questionable. In a montage involving criticism of Kerry's tax policies, political correspondent Carl Cameron is shown saying: 'If you want to destroy jobs in this country, you raise taxes.' Left on the cutting-room floor is that Cameron was quoting Commerce Secretary Don Evans."

That assessment comes from none other than Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, a guy who works for CNN in his spare time.

So desperate were the producers of the film to smear FOX News that they sought out interviews with an odd collection of miscreants and disgruntled former employees who appear on camera to trash us.  Two of those interviewed NEVER EVEN WORKED FOR THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL. 

Take for example, an interview with Frank O'Donnell.  I worked alongside Frank at FOX affiliate WTTG in the late 80's.  He left after a series of disagreements with the news director at the time and his parting shot was an article trashing our award-winning newsroom in a regional magazine. Today he is the politically active leader of a left-leaning environmental organization (something you will not find mentioned in the documentary).  Frank has never worked for this news organization and left the employ of WTTG roughly a decade before FOX News Channel even existed.

That, my friends, is how desperate the producers of this film were to find people willing to say bad things about FOX News.

One wonders why the people are so up in arms about our little 'ol news organization?  Could it be that they fear a news organization that allows all voices to join in public discourse?  Could it be they do not want you to have access to a fair and balanced debate of the great issues of our day? Could it be that they hope to maintain a stranglehold on the mainstream press that many Americans already see as left-leaning?

Take a look at the bigger picture and you can see this is an attempt to discredit, muzzle and, perhaps, intimidate a news organization during an election year. 

Look!  Here's the bottom-line: I have been reporting for this news organization for 6 years. I have never been asked to pull a punch or slant a story.  I have never been told how to go about my reporting. I have never been hammered by the bosses for a story they did not like.  All I have been asked to do is give all sides of an issue the opportunity to be heard.

Millions of you have come to trust this news organization for fair and balanced coverage.  When they attack FOX News they are also attacking the judgment of the many viewers, who have made us the number one cable news organization in the U.S.

I urge you to tune in during the upcoming Democratic Convention and decide for yourself how we're doing on the fair and balanced front.

I’m reminded of the story about former President Harry S Truman.  A supporter on the campaign trail urged him to, "give 'em hell, Harry!"   Truman smiled and said, "I just keep telling them the truth and they think it's hell."  That's how I view what we do at FOX News.
Truman also coined the phrase, "if you can't stand the heat...get out of the kitchen." 

I'm in the kitchen, baby.  Not going anywhere.

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