Beltway Beat — Friday, July 23

by Brian Wilson for FOX Fan Central

Welcome to the Boston "D" Party
As I write this, I have just endured the security checkpoint at Reagan National Airport.  This is a good warm-up exercise for the next few days. I am headed to the Democratic National Convention in Boston — an event where security will be slightly tighter than in Baghdad's green zone.
No doubt you will hear a great deal about "tight security" in Boston, and then again when we all descend on New York for the gathering of the Grand 'Ol Par-teee.  I expect that there will be several minor scares when some bonehead reporter leaves a bag of suspicious TV gear momentarily unattended.  Such is life in the post-9/11 era.  All kidding aside, security from now until the end of the year, is going to be tighter than a tick. 
A political convention is like the Olympics for a political reporter.  We live for this stuff.  Yes, sick I know — but we are a troubled lot to begin with.  We also find Congress interesting, which tells you a lot about our masochistic tendencies. 
This year, I have been handed the best assignment ever.  I don't have to stand for hours on the convention floor enduring the complaints of people wearing funny hats, who are not pleased that I have parked my 6'4" frame directly in their line of vision while I wait for those in the skybox to call on me.  I will not be required to dissect the political nuances of some snoozer of a speech.  No, this year I am — for lack of a better term — the official FOX News smart aleck.
You see, while I do love politics and the people who dedicate their lives to its pursuit, I also think there is something wonderfully absurd about these conventions. They have become marvelous pageants that deserve to be — respectfully and lovingly — skewered.  So, while Carl, Major and the other FNC correspondents are up to their eyeballs in the news of the day, I will be examining the importance of balloons and confetti to a modern day political convention.  Sometimes, I can't believe I actually get paid to do this.
Look for my feature reports (we call them kickers in the biz) each day at the end of “Special Report with Brit Hume” (weeknights at 6pm and midnight ET).  I will also be hosting both the Saturday and Sunday editions of “Weekend Live.”  On both broadcasts, we'll cover the real news — and then take a moment to examine the fun side of the political process.

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