After Hours in Jerusalem

Cal Thomas
In a FOX Fan Exclusive, Cal Thomas talks to us about what he has planned for this weekend's show:

This week's After Hours originates from Jerusalem. My guests are former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Richard Perle, one of the architects of President Bush's doctrine of prevention (we hit our enemies BEFORE they hit us). It also features (possibly for the first time on national television) political cartoons from Arab and Palestinian newspapers which show the level of hatred and bigotry directed against Israel and the Jewish people. It will open some eyes!

Given the continuing violence, this is an important and informative show. This was my 14th trip to the Middle East and I picked up a lot of new information that I'll be putting out in my newspaper column and on FOX News Channel in the days ahead.

I hope you'll watch After Hours this Saturday night at 11 pm ET. The background shots are beautiful and the subject matter is of critical importance.