"War Stories" Staff Memorial Day Tribute

While America salutes its heroes this holiday, the "War Stories" family salutes them all through the work week! Below are lessons learned from the hundreds of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines they've met along the way.

1. Only through hardship are truly amazing things possible.
2. As odd as it seems, great things can come from evil.
4. Humor offers fantastic, but temporary, relief from suffering.
5. Preparation provides the foundation for bravery and courage in combat. With it anyone can be brave. Without it, anyone can be a coward.

Martin Hinton, Producer "The Siege of Firebase Ripcord","The Battle of Britain","The Desperate Battle for the Pusan Perimeter."

1. All old men were once young men, and some of them did incredible things.
2. You can sometimes wildly succeed at the things you fear doing the most.
3. Always keep your sense of humor.
4. If it's not life or death, it's not worth any tears.
5. It's great to be young.

Steve Tierney, Producer "Fighter Aces","Salute to the USO","Leyte Gulf: Battle on the High Seas."

1. When someone answers a question with "I am sure that is the answer," they are not sure that is the answer. If they were sure, they would have said, "Yes."
2. Listen to your grandfather's war stories. They are not boring. He was brave, and he was a hero.
3. I cannot truly understand the deep camaraderie felt by men who have fought together.
4. Strategy, not just technology, wins wars.  Brains, not just brawn. But having big guns doesn't hurt.
5. Once a Navy corpsmen...always a Navy corpsmen!!

Jason Kopp, Co-Producer "Assault on the Mariana Islands, "Peleliu: The Forgotten Battle","Deadlines on the Battlefield."

1. "Our young people need to learn more about history. Remember, we were once 17 and 18 years old too."
2. From a Bataan Death March survivor/veteran who worked as a slave in a coal mine: "I don't have much use for things Japanese."
3. In the dark sometimes you don't know who is shooting who.
4. From Betty Shea, a WASP WWII pilot: "We weren't a bunch of women kitty-cattin'...We wanted to fly."
5. "We were just doing our job. We weren't heroes."
6. From German Spy Erich Gimplel (Agent 146) who was captured in New York City and sentenced to die: "I consider myself lucky all my life." (He came within one day of execution and his sentence was commuted when FDR died). 

Pam Browne, "War Stories" Senior Producer

1. Always put principle before pleasure.
2. The advice of a veteran of the greatest generation to future generations: If you want to be happy, help your mother with the dishes.  
3. Grizzled wisdom: You show me a hero, and I'll show you a bum.
4. A soldier fights for mother and country, but above all, to prove his unit and buddies are the best in the U.S. Army.

Greg Johnson, Producer "Berlin: Standoff Behind the Iron Curtain","Battle of the Bulge","War Stories from Iraq."

1. If freedom is worth living for, then it is worth dying for.
2. You can't measure an injured soldier's pain.
3. During war, you have to go above and beyond the call of duty and get the job done.
4. Teamwork is essential to winning a war.
5. During a war, extraordinary acts of heroism take place by ordinary men and woman.

Cyd Upson, Producer "The Attack of the Japanese Midget Subs!","Running the Gauntlet: The Merchant Marine","The Desert War."

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