9/11 Commission Controversy

The e-mails are flowing in, asking FNC to get to the bottom of the allegations raised by former counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke. Watch video of a heated debate on "Hannity & Colmes," and read what Eric Burns , FNC's resident media watchdog, had to say about an important omission on "60 Minutes."

Plus, weigh in with FNC's John Gibson and Alan Colmes on where they stand on the issue.  

A Heated Debate
Deputy National Security Advisor Jim Wilkinson joins Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes to dispute the claims of Richard Clarke.
Alan's Rebuttal: Clarke is a Republican
"Clarke worked for Reagan and both Bush administrations, so does he have a partisan agenda? Viewers ought to look at who has an axe to grind here, and who doesn't. Who has more to gain or lose by the truth of the Iraq war coming out?"
Iraq-Al Qaeda Link
"I ask you: for the safety of Americans, which is the better bet? That they were connected, or not?"
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Watch the video.
Lesley Stahl Should Have Told Us
"FOX News Watch's" Eric Burns says some journalistic ethics were thrown out the window in her interview with Richard Clarke.
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