I’m an inveterate web surfer, and I’ve bookmarked about a bazillion sites.

Blogs from brave Americans on the front lines:

Elana –

• Rich Galen –

Bob Zangas –

My top ten political sites:

1) – a cheeky left-wing site edited by Jeff Koopersmith. The site is never dull, and never nice to George W. Bush.

2) – the mothership of weblogs, written by the tireless Sullivan.

3) – the top site for bizarro stories, political and non-political. It features the best headlines this side of the New York Post.

4) – Glenn Reynolds’ incomparable site – your one-stop shopping place for eclectic and interesting stories about war and peace, law and politics, old and new technology, and a whole lot more.

5) – a labor of love, edited by Binyamin Jolkovsky – perhaps the top conservative opinion site on the Web.

6) – Mickey Kaus’ singular foray into investigative/gladiatorial journalism. Mickey tends to focus on one major target at a time. The latest fave: John Kerry.

7) – The most lyrical political site on the Web. James Lileks, in a daily feature called, “The  Bleat,” rhapsodizes about everything from the perfidy of political frauds to the latest antics of his daughter, whom he has nicknamed, “Gnat.” At least, I hope that’s a nickname.

8) – A great news website operated by Lucianne Goldberg. I consult this site more than any other. It’s the best place for perusing a wide variety of breaking news.

9) – A political diary/photofest edited by a nameless young woman in L.A. The site defies categorization as does, I suspect, its author.

10) – The Wall Street Journal editorial page’s blog. Don’t miss Best of the Web.

11) – A great and interesting site devoted to legal/political issues, with the occasional side trip to the world of culture, high and low.

Okay, so that’s eleven. Sue me.