The Foxlight: Paris, 50 Cent, 'Suspect Zero'

Paris pawns her princess-ness, backstage with 50 Cent and this weekend's movie wasteland in today's Foxlight.

Paris Hilton (search) has let her jewelry fetish go to her head. She wants to trademark -- are you ready for this -- a Paris tiara. Complete with a little "P" in front of the tiara and jewel encrusted with cubic zirconia. It's not the first thing about her that's fake, but certainly among the most obvious. When these start selling like hotcakes we'll be certain apocalypse is just around the corner. When do the Nicole Richie ruby-studded pasties come out?

50 Cent (search) is no two-bit performer. Or would that be four bits? Not cheap, no matter how you do the math. And something of a diva. The rapper, currently on his "Beg for Mercy" tour in Britain, has a 30-page rider in his contract specifying that his dressing room must be provided with "two buckets of chicken -- he likes KFC -- six pieces of corn on the cob, one jar of peanut butter ... one case of Heineken beer in bottles" as well as "two gallons of whole milk, four gallons of fruit juice." The London Sun also reports the room must be equipped with "soft toilet paper" and "immaculate toilets and showers."

Finally, how bad were the choices at the movies this past weekend? "Suspect Zero" (search) made just about that much at the theaters. Oh, and Ben Kingsley? Always call him "Sir," according to his co-star Aaron Eckhart. Eckhart: "I didn't challenge him on it. I called him Sir. I got the memo."