Floods Rip Through Ohio

Flood waters rushed through rural northeast Ohio (search) on Saturday, ripping houses from their foundations and tearing a 65-foot deep crater into a road, authorities said.

One man whose home was carried off was found unharmed in a tree, authorities said.

"One minute the creek was rising slowly, and the next minute it was a total disaster," Columbiana County (search) Sheriff David Smith said.

Several homes were pulled off their foundations, forcing about 60 people to seek shelter at a high school in Lisbon, Smith said.

The rushing water left a hole about 65 feet deep and 125 feet wide in a road near Salem (search), and a car that plunged into the crater landed on its top in a creek. The two people inside the car were not hurt, said Lt. William Thompson of the State Highway Patrol's Lisbon post.

"We're not sure if they were on the road when it washed away or if they drove over the cliff down into the ravine," Thompson said.

Six inches of rain fell in just six hours from Friday night until Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

About 4,000 people in the area do not have electricity, and the town of Lisbon does not have water because several major water lines broke in the storm, Smith said.