Oh Canada!

Well, it looks like we've gone and offended the Canadians again.

This time the United States is trying to get the Canadians to go along with a missile defense (search) program which will defend North America — which includes both the U.S. and Canada.

Liberal member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish, who called the Americans “bastards” last year, this time she called Americans “idiots.” The exact phrase she used, by the way, was “coalition of idiots,” as in we're not going to join a “coalition of idiots in this missile defense program.”

Canadians like Parrish think they don't have to be involved because nobody would attack Canada. We're too nice, she thinks and the Americans are so awful — bastards and idiots and morons. No wonder they need a missile defense. We here in Canada don’t. And if we don't need the Americans' defense, we can just call them names... repeatedly.

Now admittedly, this time she was embarrassed and both begged reporters not to use the remark and even denied saying it, until the tape revealed the truth.

But is it any wonder that so many Canadians have a low opinion of the U.S. when their politicians can call us bastards, morons and idiots? Is it any wonder Canadians boo American youth hockey players, or Canadian teenagers in overwhelming numbers think America is evil?

Maybe Canada doesn't want to do all that business with us — $1 billion a day — but if you've got to put up with bastards morons and idiots, maybe integrity requires you say that you don't need the $1 billion dollars.

Are Canadians like Parrish — and there are many — ready to put their wallets where their big mouths are?

That's my question and My Word.

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