Busy Week Ahead

August 27, 2004 11:06 a.m.

Lucy & Chris, Barry & Candace, Tim & Megan, Bill & Rick. Just a few of the anchor teams I bantered with as the morning "Edge" correspondent for FOX News Channel at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.  I was sent to Beantown to do live shots for any local FOX station across the country that wanted a report from the convention, but hadn't sent their own people. I probably averaged 25 to 30 appearances every day (plus another ten or so on tape). This meant lots of time chit-chatting with Patrick, Michael, Tom, Ron, Jim, Diana, Amy, and Richard. And Toby & Heather, Jean & Tony, Dan & Carrie, even Cher.

No, not THAT Cher.

I'm doing the same job for the Republican Convention in New York next week, and while the players on the floor may change, the anchors in the studio are more likely to be the same. Which means more questions and answers with Frank & Tori, Wayne & Cathy, David & Nancy, Fancian, and Ned. Maybe I'll get a choice query from Alison, or toss back to Taslin. I'm hoping to say hello on the air again to Rick and Janis, and I look forward to giving more updates to Steve, Kam, and Christine & Delayne.

Should be a busy week. Just hope I can remember everyone's name.....