Topics and Guests for August 25

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It’s another FOX News exclusive as homebuilder Robert Toll joins us to discuss his company’s better than 50 percent jump in earnings.

Accident or terror, two planes down in the same country on the same day raising the same old worries for fliers. Just how safe are we in the skies? We’ll ask Mary Schiavo, former inspector general of the U.S. Department of Transportation and now an aviation safety attorney.

Plus, if the Russian plane crashes turn out to be a terror attack, could Al Qaeda have been involved? We’ll ask Isaac Yeffet, former security chief for El-Al Airlines.

How far will Americans go to get cheaper prescription drugs? (search) We’ll ask Jamie Court, president of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

If you found $50,000 cash in a bag, would you return it? John Hoover, Brooklyn New York court officer, explains why he did.

Is Wall Street paying attention to recent economic data? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Gary B. Smith, columnist at, and Ben Boissevain, managing partner at Agile Equity.

Is humor the best way to handle political heat? We’ll examine how the candidates use comedy to quell controversy. We'll ask George Schlatter, creator and producer of "Laugh-In."

Plus, can arrogance keep a candidate from victory? Democratic strategist Bob Beckel and GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus join the debate.

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