Swift Boat Showdown: Sink or Swim?

Despite President Bush's call to stop airing television ads blasting John Kerry's (search) war record, a spokesman for a group of Vietnam veterans said Tuesday it would continue its controversial campaign.

"We're not going to stop. We'd be doing this if John Kerry was a Republican," Van Odell, a Vietnam veteran and one of the leaders of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (search), told "FOX and Friends."

Odell said he and others in the group were exercising their free speech rights. "I don't know how freedom of speech could be bad for the system," Odell said. "We paid for that through our blood and service in Vietnam."

On Monday, Bush said ads from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a 527 group (search), should be pulled.

Swift Boat Showdown: Sink or Swim?

I thought Kerry said, "Bring it on."
David S.
Akron, OH

Personally, I think there should be a ban on all negative advertising regarding politicians. I don't care about what one politician thinks of another. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves over the nasty tone that modern politics have taken. What ever happened to discussing issues and working toward a common good for the American people? Why do politicians feel the need to distract the people from what's important by constantly attacking each other? I think it's all disgusting.
Vince P.
Atlanta, GA

I think they should swim and after hearing the Kerry rep this morning, I think the National Guardsmen should say how they feel about the demeaning attitude of those associated with Kerry regarding their service .
Barb D.

Since Mr. Kerry himself is using his "military history" as a huge part of his campaign, it only stands to reason that it will be open to criticism. I think the swift boat vets have every right to speak their peace and to let the American public know the other side of the story. Given all the information available, American people are intelligent enough to make up their own minds what is real and what is fantasy.
Paula E.
Kent, OH

Who cares whether he served during a war? My best friend's husband is in Iraq right now and also served in the previous Iraq war, but I wouldn't vote for him as president just because of that.
Christy W.
Cleveland, TN

John Kerry sounds like the school playground bully who picks on everyone every single day and when finally someone stands up to him and hits him back, he goes running to the teacher crying and saying that everyone is picking on him and telling the teacher to tell them to stop.
Fort Worth, TX

They are not breaking any laws. They are exercising their first amendment rights.
There should be no question as to whether or not they should be "allowed" to speak.
Randy H.
Houston, TX

Actually, the Swift Boat Ads are a good thing for Kerry. As long as everyone is talking about them, no one is talking about his Senate voting record.
Jan J.
Munfordville, KY

It is up to John Kerry to put this to rest. Authorize release of all records including journals. If there were not some truth in the accusations he would confront the ads directly instead of accusing President Bush. All vets have the absolute right to free speech not just "his" vets. He better look inside his own campaign about the coordination of 527s before he goes after the Republican's.
Diane L.
Knoxville, TN

Why is it that we are asked to believe the Swift Boat veterans that support John Kerry but the Swift Boat vets that oppose him are liars?
Richard I.
Crofton, MD

I think the ads should stay till an ad highlighting Kerry’s Senate record replaces them.
Tom P.
Atlanta, GA

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