The Foxlight: Paris, Ruben, Gene Simmons

Paris' pup, Ruben's fat chance, "Queer Eye" for Gene Simmons and "Ultimate Matrix" in today's Foxlight.

Paris Hilton (search) hungover? What are the odds? Remember when her dog was missing? New York Post says while the celebutante was putting out APBs on her missing mutt, he was exactly where she left him. According to a friend of hers, it seems that Paris, in slightly cloudy shape, had dropped off the pup at her grandparents' house. When Tinkerbell's plight started getting press, the grandparents' housekeeper called and reminded Paris where her pooch was. A rep for Hilton denied the story.

Ruben Studdard's (search) fat chance was a once in a lifetime thing. That's the word from Simon, who's on the road auditioning "American Idol" wannabes. "Idol" wants hotties this year, according to the curmudgeonly Cowell. He claims too many contestants are out of shape. Meanwhile, look for Ruben to play a fast food employee in an episode of a new Fox sitcom this winter. It's called "Related by Family."

Ever wanted to give Gene Simmons (search) a makeover? The guys from "Queer Eye" may get a shot. Simmons says he's a fan and has agreed to do something with the show. Good luck, boys. The makeup drawers alone must fill up a few rooms.

Finally, geek alert. "Matrix" (search) fans can camp in front of their TVs for the entire winter if they get what Warner Brothers is calling "The Ultimate Matrix Collection." It's 10 DVDs with more than 100 featurettes and documentaries about the three movies and more. It goes on sale December 7.