Bush Twins to Play Visible Convention Role

If President Bush's twin daughters are seeking helpful hints before they enter the glaring spotlight of the Republican National Convention (search), John Kerry's youngest daughter has some bipartisan advice:

1. "Watch out for overzealous political fans who try to give you a hug and kiss," says Kerry's 27-year-old daughter, Vanessa.

2. "Don't say hi to celebrities in public or people will say you're dating them," she adds in a reference to a rumor that she was involved with movie star Ben Affleck (search), a Kerry campaign volunteer.

Vanessa and 30-year-old Alexandra Kerry made prime-time appearances, introducing their father during the finale of the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Now it's the twins' turn.

Barbara and Jenna Bush, 22, are not expected to make formal speeches at the GOP gathering in New York City, but they'll be very visible at the convention, hosting a youth concert and attending parties and luncheons.

"We're trying to build in as many public events as we can around the convention since they will not be having a formal speech," said Susan Whitson, a spokeswoman for the twins, who declined an interview with The Associated Press. "The schedule could change, but they're not going to make a big speech the way the Kerry daughters did."

On the eve of the convention Sunday, the twins will host a youth concert kickoff party at Roseland Ballroom, a concert hall in Manhattan.

On Monday, they'll be attending a "W Stands for Women" event with their grandmother, former first lady Barbara Bush, and their aunt, Doro Bush Koch, the president's sister.

On Tuesday, the twins are scheduled to watch their mother, First Lady Laura Bush, deliver a luncheon speech to the National Federation of Republican Women. They'll also be at the convention at Madison Square Garden to hear their mother's prime-time speech Tuesday night and their father's acceptance speech on Thursday night.

After the confetti and balloons fall late Thursday at Madison Square Garden, the twins will head to an even later "Next Generation Party." The event, slated to end at 2 a.m. Friday, is being organized and hosted by Emily Pataki, daughter of New York Gov. Pataki; Emma Bloomberg, the daughter of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; and Taylor Whitman, the son of Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, who is former head of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Bush administration.

"It's a lot of hard work," Vanessa Kerry said of her whirlwind activities at the Democratic convention. She suggested the twins stuff their purses with snacks for energy.

Kerry, a single Harvard medical student who recently won a Fulbright scholarship to study medicine in London, said someone told her before the Democratic convention all the attention will make it feel like it's "your wedding every day of the week."

"It's exactly like that," she said.

Since they graduated from college this year, the twins have started spending time on the campaign trail, helped represent the United States at the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, posed in evening gowns in a coming-out type spread in Vogue magazine and made an Internet plea urging young people to vote for their father.

"They've made phone calls from phone banks, saying `Hi, I'm Barbara or Jenna Bush," Whitson said. "They got mixed reactions from `Is this real?' to `Thanks so much for calling. It really means a lot."'

In Missouri, Jenna Bush made headlines when she playfully stuck her tongue out at the press through the window of the presidential limousine.

"It was one of her first forays out," Whitson explained. "If you know Jenna, she's a very spirited young lady. I think she was a little overwhelmed by the attention that it got — not realizing the impact that it would have. But there was no maliciousness at all."