Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends;”

Good morning people!

Back from our vacation in Hawaii, great time, (see a photo or two in our gallery). It's Thursday and I'm FINALLY back on East Coast time. Crossing six time zones takes a few drinks and a couple of days to recuperate.

This week Brian is on work release... I mean vacation. Judge Andy and Mike Jerrick are sitting in his chair... wearing his clothes. (I'm just jealous, I can't — his pants ride up too high on me).

A bunch of you wrote asking about that cool pipeless whirlpool spa we featured on the program Wednesday. I don't know about you... but we haven't used our whirlpool spa FOR YEARS because whenever we turned it on, black junk would come flying out. Turns out that stuff is bacteria and whatnot and clearly not something we wanted to soak in — even if we are drinking — so that's why we featured it on our show. Anyway... because so many of you wanted their Web site, here it is. Check it out:

We know that many of you have kids going back to school this week... and we're jealous! Not that my kids are driving us nuts, but THEY ARE! So congrats to the parents out there whose kids are back in school. That of course means they can start drinking by 10.

Plenty of news to chew on: the Swiftvets, Scott Peterson, Kobe, man oh man, who said there was never any news in the dog days of summer?

Keep watching and thanks for the high ratings!

Steve Doocy

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