Topics and Guests for August 24

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Given America’s obesity epidemic, it’s not surprising that one in three Americans have high blood pressure (search). But who pays the cost of lowering that pressure? We’ll ask former Surgeon General Dr. Jocelyn Elders.

Will the investigation into Iraqi prison abuse take the sizzle out of stocks? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Liz Miller, managing director at Trevor, Stewart, Burton and Jacobsen, and Wendell Perkins, chief investment officer of the Johnson Family of Funds.

Plus, if you love the iPod would you consider an Apple laptop? We’ll examine how one product line can revive the fortunes of an entire company with Mike Gatti, executive vice president of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.

Are students really willing to help pay for college and alleviate some of the burden from their parents? We’ll examine the results of a new poll with Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of

Plus, NBA star Jalen Rose joins us to Neil to talk about his plans for getting out the vote come November.

And, we’re not joking: Comedian Joe Piscopo explains why he wants to be New Jersey’s next governor.

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