Timeline: Major Jet Crashes in Russia

Here are some of the more serious passenger plane crashes involving the airlines serving Russia and the former Soviet Union.

— July 2002: A Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 flying to Barcelona, Spain, from Ufa, Russia, collided with a cargo plane over Germany, killing 71, 52 of them children.

— October 2001: A Tu-154 from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Novosibirsk, Russia, exploded and plunged into the Black Sea, killing 78, most of them Israeli citizens. It was later determined the plane was hit by a Ukrainian missile during military training exercises.

— July 2001: A Tu-154 crashed in the Siberian city of Irkutsk, killing all 143 on board.

— December 1997: A Tajikistan Tu-154 crashed in the United Arab Emirates, killing 85 passengers and crew.

— March 1997: Fifty passengers and crew died when the tail of their An-24 charter plane from Stavropol, Russia, broke off in flight while en route to Trabzon, Turkey.

— August 1996: A Tu-154 passenger plane carrying Russian and Ukrainian miners and their families to work on Norway's Arctic island of Spitzbergen crashed into a mountain, killing all 143 on board.

— December 1995: A Tu-154 with 97 people on board disappeared flying to the far eastern Russian city of Khabarovsk.

— September 1994: A Yak-40 airliner crashed while trying to reach an airport in Siberia to make an emergency landing in bad weather. All 26 people on board died.

— March 1994: An Airbus A-310 belonging to Aeroflot crashed near Novokuznetsk, Russia, killing 70 people.

— January 1994: All 124 people on board a Tu-154 were killed when it crashed in Siberia. A farmer on the ground also was killed.