The Tupolev's Tu-154 (search) remains the standard medium range airliner on domestic flights in Russia and other former Soviet states and to a lesser extent in eastern Europe and Iran (search).

The Tu-154 first flew on October 4, 1968. The first production example was delivered to Aeroflot (search) in early 1971, although regular commercial service did not begin until February 1972.

About 900 Tu-154s of all models have been built.

Length: 157 feet, 2 inches

Height: 37 feet, 5 inches

Wingspan: 123 feet, 3 inches

Propulsion: 3 jet engines

Maximum Speed: TU-154, approx. 605 mph; TU-154M, approx.590 mph.

Range: TU-154, approximately 1,870 nautical miles; TU-154M, 2100 nautical miles.

Maximum Takeoff Weight: TU-154, 198,415 pounds; TU-154M, 220,460 pounds.

Crew: TU-154 - Flight crew of 3 or 4

Seating: TU-154, 158 to 164 at six abreast; TU-154M, 180 at six abreast.

First Deployed: TU-154, October 4, 1968; regular commercial service began in February 1972; TU-154M, 1982.

Production: Approximately 900 Tu-154s of all models have been built, including approximately 325 Tu-154Ms. About 580 were in service in late 1998.


Flight details on the Tu-134:

The Tupolev Tu-134 was the standard short haul jet airliner in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe.

Production began in 1964 although it was not until September 1967 that Aeroflot launched full commercial services.

The Tu-134 seats up to 76 in a single class. The revised Tu-134B1 which has a revised interior to seat up to 90 passengers without a galley, or kitchen, and the Tu-134B3 which can seat 96 with full kitchen.

Length: 112 feet, 8 inches

Height: 29 feet, 7 inches

Wingspan: 95 feet, 2 inches

Propulsion: 2 turbofans

Maximum Speed: Approx. 559 mph.

Ceiling: 39,730 feet

Range: 1295 - 1890 nautical miles.

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 98,105 pounds.

Crew: Three (two pilots, one navigator)

Seating: 72 - 96 passengers

First Deployed: 1964; full commercial service launched in September 1967.

Production: Approximately 700; About 365 were in service in late 1998.