Caller ID Catches Burglar

The phone rang at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. The caller ID displayed a friend's number, but he was out of town.

That's when Liz Szefcyk of Amherst, Ohio, knew something was wrong.

It turned out a drunken burglar at the friend's house had accidentally dialed Szefcyk's number.

"That guy must have been fumbling around in the dark and hit the redial button," John Szefcyk, Liz's husband, told the Lorain, Ohio, Morning Journal.

Liz Szefcyk thought it was strange that the couple's friend, Victor Wnek, would be calling, since he'd told John Szefcyk he'd be spending the weekend in Pennsylvania.

Plus, there was no voice on the line — just strange sounds.

"I could hear this noise going on," Liz Szefcyk told the newspaper. "There was a rattling of papers, doors closing."

John Szefcyk drove down to Wnek's house to check it out.

"I happened to see someone standing in a landscaped area with a backpack on," he recalled. "I said, 'Well, what's this?'"

Liz Szefcyk called the cops, who asked her husband where he'd seen the man.

"We went over there and there he was, passed out in the grass," John Szefcyk said.

Duane Meiser Jr., 19, a neighbor of Wnek, was arrested and charged with burglary, underage consumption, disorderly conduct by intoxication and having an open container.

Amherst police Sgt. Mark Cawthon said Meisner admitted breaking into Wnek's house and drinking alcohol there. His backpack was full of bandages, beef jerky (search) and crackers, all apparently taken from the house.

"That's what has us puzzled; there were other items worth taking," Cawthon said. "When we went to check [the house] out, we had a hard time telling if anyone had even been in there."

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Sticky Hamilton Tips Off Cops

DAPHNE, Ala. (AP) — A $10 bill stuck to the outside of a car at a Waffle House (search) that had just been robbed led police to the robbery suspect, who was hiding in the trunk.

Keidrick Jamal Fisher, 17, of Prichard, was found in the trunk of his car in the restaurant's parking lot early Saturday, police said.

Police charged Fisher and his girlfriend, Sherea Latoria Goodwin, 18, of Eight Mile, with first-degree robbery.

The Waffle House had recently fired Fisher, said Daphne Police Lt. Scott Taylor. A Waffle House manager declined to comment.

Taylor said Goodwin entered the Waffle House and signaled to Fisher that all the customers had gone.

Fisher entered with a loaded .38-caliber handgun. Wearing a stocking over his head, he took an undisclosed sum from the cash register, ran out the back and got into the trunk of the car, Taylor said.

It had rained that night, and a $10 bill stuck to the back of the trunk, Taylor added.

Daphne police officer David Flynn, a trainee, noticed the bill, and officers surrounded the car and arrested Fisher without incident, Taylor said.

The two remained in the Baldwin County Corrections Center Monday on $35,000 bond each, according to a jail spokesman.

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Stanley Cup Kicked Off Flight

FORT ST. JOHN, British Columbia (AP) — The Stanley Cup (search) spent Sunday night in luggage limbo.

The fabled trophy disappeared during an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Fort St. John over the weekend when Vancouver airline officials removed it from the plane because of weight restrictions.

Walter Neubrand, keeper of the Cup, was delivering the trophy to Jake Goertzen, head scout for the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

As the two waited by the baggage claim, it didn't take long for them to realize something was wrong.

"We were waiting for it to come out," Goertzen said. "Everybody's bag was there, except the Cup."

Air Canada agents checked the plane but there was no sign of the Cup or its special travel container.

After a call to Vancouver, they learned the 35-pound Cup was sitting in the Vancouver airport's luggage area 750 miles away. It was too heavy to fly.

Goertzen described the situation as a nightmare.

"[Neubrand] told them specifically it was the Stanley Cup," Goertzen said. "He is just so distraught."

Fitness gym owner Brent Lock, who had planned to view the Cup Sunday night, said he doesn't understand how Air Canada could have left it behind.

"It's not like it's a brown paper bag; it's the Holy Grail," he said. "It's probably the most important non-religious artifact in Canada."

You Will Soon Become Rather Rich

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — It pays to eat Chinese.

Three Virginians who had fortune cookies for dessert at Chinese restaurants they visited used the numbers they received to win $175,000 each in the July 27 Mega Millions drawing.

Sandra Howell of Moneta, Kiry Enn of Richmond and Raymond Sawyer of Chesapeake held three of seven tickets that were good for the second-place prize. The tickets matched the first five Mega Millions (search) numbers, missing only the Mega Ball number.

It's the first time eating Chinese has paid off to that extent, according to a Virginia Lottery spokesman.

"We've heard of people using numbers from a fortune cookie, but never three big winners in one drawing," said John Hagerty, the spokesman.

The five numbers in the drawing were 08, 10, 11, 13 and 24. The Mega Ball number was 46.

Thieves Loot Public Toilets

HONG KONG (AP) — Thieves scouring for scrap metal have looted dozens of stainless steel drain covers and other fixtures, including faucets, from public toilets in a Hong Kong neighborhood, a newspaper reported last Thursday.

The washrooms have lost 73 drain covers, four faucets, a steel gate and a hand dryer so far this year, the Apple Daily newspaper reported, citing police information.

Police suspect the thieves targeted the fixtures, which are worth a total of $4,000 for their resale value, the report said.

Police spokesman T.K. Ng said he had no information on the thefts.

Bear Doesn't Mind Loud Rock Music

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) — Not even loud rock 'n' roll music could discourage a 350-pound bear that repeatedly raided plums and watermelons from a couple's garden.

Eldon and Gerry Nihues hung a radio from the plum tree, tuned it into a rock station and turned it up loud in hopes of scaring off the bear, which helped itself to about 50 watermelons, including 11 in one night.

"It was this crazy rock stuff that was playing, but it didn't bother him," Gerry Nihues said. "He'd eat the plums right out from under where the thing was playing."

The state Division of Wildlife set out a trap, and the bear walked into it sometime last Wednesday night. Wildlife officers tranquilized the bear, tagged it and released it in a remote area.

Eight bears have been relocated from the area in the past three weeks, Division of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said.

More encounters are expected statewide as bears try to fatten up before hibernating for the winter.

Comic-Book Collection Stolen

AUSTIN, Minn. (AP) — This could be a case for Spider-Man or the X-Men.

Police in Austin, Minn., are looking for a man's missing comic book collection.

James Jones told police when he returned from vacation Aug. 17, he discovered someone had broken into his home and stolen his collection of comic books.

Jones says the collection consists of four large boxes of Marvel comics (search) — between 600 and 800 comic books, all at least 30 years old and worth more than $2,400.

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