A list of terror-related explosions in Russia since December 2002:


— May 9: A bomb rips through a stadium in the Chechen capital, Grozny, during a Victory Day ceremony, killing provincial President Akhmad Kadyrov, the Kremlin's point man for efforts to control separatist violence in the war-wracked region. As many as 24 people are killed. A Chechen warlord claimed responsibility.

— Feb. 6: Explosion rips through a subway car in the Moscow metro during rush hour, killing 41 people. Authorities suspect a terrorist attack.


— Dec. 9: Female homicide bomber blows herself up outside Moscow's National Hotel, across from the Kremlin and Red Square, killing five bystanders.

— Dec. 5: Homicide bombing on commuter train in southern Russia kills 44 people. President Vladimir Putin condemns attack as bid to destabilize the country two days before parliamentary elections.

— Sept. 16: Two homicide bombers drive a truck laden with explosives into a government security services building near Chechnya, killing three people and injuring 25.

— Aug. 1: Homicide bomber rams truck filled with explosives into a military hospital near Chechnya, killing 50 people, including Russian troops wounded in Chechnya.

— July 10: Russian security agent dies in Moscow while trying to defuse a bomb a woman had tried to carry into a cafe on central Moscow's main street.

— July 5: Double homicide bombing at a Moscow rock concert kills the female attackers and 15 other people.

— June 5: Female homicide attacker detonates bomb near a bus carrying soldiers and civilians to a military airfield in Mozdok, a major staging point for Russian troops in Chechnya, killing at least 16 people.

— May 14: Woman blows up explosives strapped to her waist in crowd of thousands of Muslim pilgrims, killing at least 18 people in an apparent attempt on the life of Chechnya's Moscow-backed chief administrator, Akhmad Kadyrov, now the region's president.

— May 12: Homicide truck-bomb attack kills at least 60 at a government compound in northern Chechnya.

— April 3: Passenger bus hits remote-controlled land mine in the Chechen capital, killing at least 8.


— Dec. 27: Homicide truck-bomb attack destroys headquarters of Chechnya's Moscow-backed government, killing 72 people.