Confusing Campaign Finance

Well, much as I'd like to it doesn't seem that we can stop talking about the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (search) ad campaign.

The president has called for an end to all 527 (search) activities. Sen. Kerry says he only wants this one stopped. I don't think the negative ads from either side are beneficial. You have to research them carefully to determine what is accurate and what is not. But my question is why doesn't John Kerry also want the other 527s to stop their activities?

Sen. Kerry is now running an ad accusing the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth of being close to Karl Rove and other top Republicans. Thunder Road Group is run by Jim Jordan who was Kerry's campaign manager. Media Fund is headed by Harold Ickes, former deputy White House chief of staff for President Clinton. Partnership for American's Families is headed by a former top aide to Rep. Nancy Peolsi. The odd part for me is that those groups don't bother Sen. Kerry. He only wants to stop the group that is running what became an influential ad against him.

The plan to reform campaign finance obviously didn't work. Either open it up so anyone can give any amount they want, or close it down completely. What we have isn't working.

The Washington Post has an article Online that mentions the entertainer Moby. The report states:

"’What galls me to the core of my being is when George Bush pretends to be a cowboy,’" says Moby, recalling that he grew up near the Bush family estate in Connecticut."

Unfortunately for Moby our current president grew up in Texas, not Connecticut. He was born in Connecticut because his father was in college there but the family moved to Texas very quickly. His FATHER, former President George H.W. Bush grew up in Connecticut. In addition, I don't know if Moby has actually been to the Bush family "estate," but most people who live near it would hardly describe it that way. Moby must be easily galled.

I hope you all got the chance to see the video of my family's fishing trip with Senator Coleman's family. It was pretty funny. You can see pictures of my fishing at and


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