Topics and Guests for August 20

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Topics and Guests:

The White House makes it clear it has no connection to any of the attack ads against John Kerry
Marc Racicot, Bush-Kerry campaign chair

Are the Swift Boat Veterans hurting Kerry's campaign
Tad Devine, senior campaign adviser

What's behind conflicting reports about the fighting between coalition forces in Najaf and militants loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr?
• Retired Army Col. David Hunt

Three Palestinian activists are charged with raising money for attacks in Israel
Matthew Levitt, former FBI analyst

Even more confusion in the scandal surrounding New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey
Allen Lowy, attorney representing McGreevey's alleged lover

Michael Jackson's critics are getting under his skin
Jane Velez-Mitchell, "Celebrity Justice" correspondent

The Fourth Amendment prevents the government from unlawful searches and seizure, but what about seizing the DNA of criminals who've paid their debt to society?
Nelda Luce Blair, former prosecutor

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