Rise and Shine

Hi Friends,

Mike Jerrick with the blog today, as our buddy Steve Doocy is puttering in his pansies at his home garden. He is resting up for the big Republican National Convention (search), which begins in about 10 days. Actually he is just spending quality time with his adorable children before school gets crankin' once again.

Brian and I provided a crusty sandwich for the beautiful and talented Lauren and E.D. this morning. What a treat for me! We lit our Olympic flame (we plugged it in) for the first time as one of our producers, Paulina, revealed she has now dedicated her life to becoming Mrs. Paulina van den Hoogenband. Check our Web site for pictures of her soon-to-be-fiancé. He is Dutch Olympic swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband (search). Paulina asked me if I am a swimmer, because Pieter and I have similar bodies. Same abs, you know.

For those of you who were watching “FOX & Friends First,” I can now report Hardy has finally cleared the phlegm from his throat. Mrs. van den Hoogenband just did a spell-check on 'phlegm'... got it right. The reason I bring it up? How often can you use the word 'phlegm' on this blog for goodness sake?  We transitioned from hacking noises to the sounds of Frankie Valli. Great having him with us today. "Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you". No, not a Valli lyric, but what Brian says to his lovely wife every morning before driving to the studio.

I've noticed the perks on the weekday show are better. Come to think of it, Juliet, Julian, Bill, Kiran, and Page and I don't have any treats on the weekends. What an outrage! Weekdays for the A-team, the coffee is better, the pastries are better, the vodka is better... just kidding!

Did you all notice how oily Brian was this morning? The make-up artist went through a bucket of powder just on his forehead. I wiped his face and I'm frying up some over-easy eggs right here in the “F&F” pod. What could it be? His diet? Stress? Is he falling in love with E.D.? Of course, who isn't? I'm worried about him. Of course, this comment from someone who looks like me. The bags under my eyes were over-packed and being slammed by skycaps this morning. I'm surprised they let me on the air.

I bet this blog guarantees that I will never blog again, so I'll have to see you all on the show. Later.



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