What's in a Number?

Back from my fall... I mean summer vacation on the Whitefish Chain of lakes in Minnesota. Cold, wet weather. We were in two unheated, un-insulated cabins. Mr. Hill spent a great deal of time chopping wood for the pot belly stoves -- honest. Still, it was wonderful. We went fishing with Walleye Dan (www.walleyedan.com) in Brainerd, Minnesota. Dan put some pics of our fish on the Web site. The little boys caught some lunkers (big fish).

We also went up to International Falls to join Senator Norm Coleman and his family for some fishing with Woody of "Woody's Fairly Reliable Fishing and Lodging" (www.fairlyreliable.com). Great name, huh? Mr. Coleman, Sr., a Purple Heart winner from the D-Day invasions, was not only a better fisherman than ALL of us but also helped our children learn more about the action in Normandy. I caught the largest Northern Pike of my life. I was delirious when we got it into the boat... until my 11-year-old pulled one in that was much larger! Kallie from the Chamber of Commerce made the stay truly enjoyable. Sha Sha Lodge put on a great fish fry. If you're looking for a safe, fun place to take the family that won't break the bank I recommend International Falls.
I will have video on the show on Friday. I'd invited Senator Mark Dayton, but he had some medical procedure. Next year I'll get him out.

What is happening in Fort Wayne, Indiana? The breaking news is that a bag belonging to a doctor from Beirut opened up and spilled white powder as it was being unloaded from a flight originating in Chicago. The worker that came in contact with the powder became ill immediately. Why was the bag on a plane when the doctor wasn't? That isn't supposed to happen these days. Many questions. We'll have more answers tomorrow.

Something bugging me are the 527's. Remember campaign finance reform? (search) It appears all it did was keep people from contributing more than $2,000 to a politician. So where do the mega-millionaires put their money? In 527's. While they can't specifically run an ad FOR a candidate, they can run ads BASHING people and policies. If the 527's aren't reined in campaign finance reform will have been a farce. It doesn't matter which side you're on. Kerry supporters are running the vast majority of them this year. But in 2008 it could be the other way around. Either way, 527's flaunt the reform we were supposed to see.


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